Getting Pleasure with the Ass Spark

Using an Ass Spark for the first time was something I never would have expected I would have enjoyed as much as I did. I was never the type of guy that got involved in anal play for any reason. It just didn’t seem like anything I would ever enjoy no matter who I was with at the time. Yet, there was something inside me that wanted to try it out somehow and that something came out while I was looking around the Internet one night. I was bored and not looking for anything specifically related to anal sex, but I came across a site that sold these toys.

My first though at seeing an Ass Spark was one of disgust and repulsion. The thought of using something like that just felt wrong to me. It was also a bit frightening. I kept looking at the different designs, though, and started to feel curious about what they felt like. After a few weeks of trying to forget about them, I decided to go ahead and purchase one to see what it would be like to use. If I didn’t like it, I could always throw it away and put it in the closet somewhere and forget about it altogether.




I have been using my Ass Spark for over a year now and I am very happy with it. That first time of trying it out showed me that I had been missing out on a lot of fun in my life. The type of fun that only one of these items will ever let you experience. I strongly suggest guys try something like this out even if it is only once. You need to experience different things in your life and this is one experience you will never forget. I have tried forgetting it but it just isn’t something that is going to happen. Instead, I continue to enjoy this amazing little toy as often as possible.


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Ass Spark to Change your Life


Ass Spark to Change your Life

I have been using an ass spark toy for a couple of
months now and I have to admit that it is not what I thought it was going to
be. I figured that it was going to be painful to have something like this
inside me and that I probably wouldn’t enjoy it very much at all. I have found,
however, that once you get used to the way it feels inside you, there really is
no pain involved. Sure, that very first time you use it can be painful if you
aren’t used to anal play, but they have lube that will help ease the pain for
you if you need it.

I will have to say that using an ass spark that you
aren’t ready for can be the wrong decision to make for some guys. I have a
friend that used one that was probably three times the size he should have
tried and he didn’t enjoy it at all. I think I could understand that if I had
decided to go to the extreme for the very first insertion, but I was a bit
smarter than that and went with the smallest one I could find instead.

One thing I do know is that using an ass spark will
definitely show you a different side of the life you could be living. Where I
was serious and quiet all the time, I have now become more open and adventurous
even when I am out in public. I never would have thought that something as
simple as using a butt plug like this could change my whole demeanor towards
life, but that is exactly what has happened. It didn’t do it overnight or
anything, but over the last few months, I have been more outgoing and effable
than I have ever been. It’s definitely been a life changing experience for me.


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The Exciting Ass Spark

The Exciting Ass Spark

Using an ass
spark is something that I never really thought of trying before until I heard a
friend of mine talking about it. I never really considered trying anything in
the anal play arena but my friend told me that it was one of the most exciting
things he had ever tried. He was so enthusiastic that I became increasingly
curious as he continued to talk about it. I even got to the point where I
insisted on him showing me his toys so that I could see for myself what they
were like and whether or not they would be something I was might want to try.

I will tell
you that when he first started talking about his ass spark toys I thought they
were going to be huge. In fact, I figured that he was telling me about items
that I would probably never feel comfortable with in this lifetime, but I still
wanted to see what they looked like. I thought that I might be able to find
something more my size if I at least knew what it was I was supposed to be
looking for. But I wasn’t expecting the size of the items that he finally
brought out for me to look at.

His ass
spark toys were all of a rather small design. In fact, I thought he was joking
when he showed me the first one he ever used. I just knew that he was using
toys that were much bigger than that, but he probably didn’t want to scare me
off or anything. Then he told me that was the first one he ever used and, like
me, he didn’t want to try something that was too big and end up regretting it
later. I could definitely understand that, but since I knew they made smaller
ones, I was a bit more curious about what I could find to try. They may say
that curiosity killed the cat, but, in my case, curiosity just might make me
feel more alive than ever.


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Ass Spark on the Job

Ass Spark on the Job

Using an ass
spark is one of the greatest parts of my week. My boyfriend feels the exact
same way about it except that he uses one every day. I guess that if I could
work from home rather than sitting in an office surrounded by people all day
long I could get the chance to use one like he does, but that doesn’t happen
for me. Instead, I get to hear all about the fun he had all day long while I
sit in at my cubicle wishing that I could be enjoying myself.

I know quite
a few guys that would love to be able to go to work with an ass spark set
firmly inside them but they don’t get the opportunity. I do, however, get to
enjoy mine when I get home most of the time. The exceptions are when I have to
go to the gym or I have errands to run after work. I’m the type of guy that
enjoys sitting back and relaxing with something like this and I can’t do a lot
of moving around in the process. If I move around too much, then I usually end
up losing control and having an orgasm right there and then.



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If you want
to use your ass spark at work, then I would say go ahead and give it a shot.
You never know how you are going to react to something of this nature until you
actually try it. This could be the best sensation you have ever experienced. Of
course, it might end up having you cumming louder than anything else that might
be happening in your office at that particular time as well. You will just have
to play your cards and see what happens as long as you can trust your coworkers
to not make fun of you if they find out about it. What’s life without taking a
risk or two?

My First Ass Spark Experience

My First Ass Spark Experience

Using an ass spark is one of those things that you
really want to try or you aren’t going to enjoy it. I have been using them for
a while now and I can tell you that the first time was rather awkward. Since I
had never been involved in any kind of anal play before, it wasn’t something
that I was sure I wanted to try. I felt strange when the person I was with at
that time said they wanted to try out something new. When they pulled one of
these plugs out, I was almost ready to leave.

They told me all about what the ass spark was and
how it worked. However, that didn’t really help my feelings about it. All I
could think about was what would happen if the thing got stuck and I had to go
to the hospital to have it removed. I know now that they aren’t going to get
stuck inside me, but since I had never had anything in me before, that was the
first thought that went through my mind. I was hesitant about trying it, but
the person I was with was very adamant about trying it out.

It has been almost two years since that first
episode with an ass spark and I am thankful that I was adventurous enough to
try it out. I have experienced more sexual gratification in my life since then
that I never would have thought of trying if it wasn’t for that first time. If
you feel that your sex life is getting monotonous, then you might want to
consider using something like this to spice things up a bit. If you are lucky,
then your partner will want to try it out with you and the two of you can
really enjoy a moment of closeness unlike anything you have ever experienced
together or separately.


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Adjusting to the Ass Spark

Adjusting to the Ass Spark

Using an ass
spark can be a lot of fun if you know what you are doing. If you have never
used something like this before and you try to take on a bit too much, then you
are going to find out why patience and practice are important. I tried using
one that was a bit bigger than what I was actually comfortable using and ended
up having to go to the doctor because of it. I had no idea what I was doing and
didn’t use any kind of lubrication in the process. Needless to say, it took me
a couple of months to get back to full health again.

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Using an ass
spark will allow you to experience the world of anal teasing unlike anything
else will. You see, these wonderful little toys attach to the backside of your
erotic swimwear so that you can have fun while you are out and about. Just make
sure that you are used to the way they feel while you are walking around before
you attempt to head out to the beach. People all around you will know that
something is different with you just by the way you are walking if you aren’t
used to it. So learn how to feel normal wearing one before going out in public
with it.


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The Advantages of the Ass Spark

Ass Spark

The Advantages of the Ass Spark

The ass
spark brand of anal toys are some of the most outrageous and yet comfortable
things you will ever get the pleasure to enjoy. For all those guys, straight or
gay, that want a bit of excitement in the bedroom, these toys will definitely
give it to you. Some guys may not fully understand what is so special about
anal play for men, but once they try out something like this they are going to
wonder why they never tried it earlier. Of course, they will try to find
different ways of using these items and that is where the fun begins.

Most guys
aren’t aware that you can use an ass spark toy while you are doing other things
in your life. They think that it is a purely sexual stimulation aspect that
needs to be done late at night in the bedroom, but the truth is you can use
these items just about anywhere you might be. There are even specific designs
in swimwear and fetish wear that will allow you to attach one of these items to
it and use it even while you are sitting at your desk in your office. Or simply
throw one on and head out to the beach for a whole new definition of having
some fun in the sun.


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Enjoy Your Ass Spark Anytime

Ass Spark

Enjoy Your Ass Spark Anytime

Have you
ever been sitting in your office chair, toiling away at your daily workload,
wishing you had something like an ass spark sitting comfortably within your
ass? Well, the good news is that you now have that chance to have something in
your ass while you are working, and these items can be permanently attached to
the erotic swimwear you have on under your pants. What could possibly make all
those hours at work be any better than having something like this to play and
tease yourself with? If you are into anal play, then this is the next step for

You should
know that the ass spark is not simply a gay man’s play toy. This is something
that any guy out there that is interested in anal play can try out. Of course,
you should make sure that you are capable of taking in the size that you
purchase. The best way of getting around this is to find the one that you
really want to try out and buy the one a size smaller than that one. Then you
know you are going to be ready for the one that you have actually purchased and
you can move up to the larger one later on.


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The pleasure of anal sex with your own Ass Spark and other gear

Ass Spark, Butt Cums and More

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I have been searching for that ass
that I can experience and that has also been long gone. I haven’t had
a really good sex in so long that’s why I kind of forgot how it felt. My
partner and I are also very vocal as to whether or not we are satisfied with
each other and I noticed that oftentimes, we tell each other that we’re not
that into having sex as much anymore like we used to.


I kind of felt alarmed with this constant experience so I promised
myself to perform better. In fact, my partner and I even talked to each and
discussed our options when it comes to making out and sex. We both wanted to
feel that ass spark over again and
we were so ready to make it happen for real.


And by some twist of fate, perhaps because of our very serious
conversation a few days ago, the sex that we had last night was the most
exciting, most thrilling, and most delicions sex I have ever had in a very long
time. I’ve suddenly felt surges of ass
, butt cums and everything I ever wanted and I am now satisfied.


Penis enlargement using an Ass Spark

Think about
all the places that you can wear your Ass
and no one would be the wiser. Then, think about all the things you
could be doing while you were wearing one of these and how much more fun it
could be for you at the same time. There is nothing you can’t do while wearing
an anal plug, unless, of course, you are going in for a prostate exam or
something of that nature. But since you don’t have to do things like that all
that often, you can usually prepare ahead of time to not be wearing it.

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There are a
lot of things in my life that bring me happiness, but only my Ass Spark can bring me the erotic
feelings that good anal play can bring a guy. If you have never tried anal play
before, then purchasing something like this from is a pretty good
way of getting started. You can try it out in your own home when you are alone
so that you can get used to the way something like this works, and you don’t
have to feel embarrassed about it. This is one of the main reasons that guys
start anal play out in this fashion.

Of course,
you should take my advice and purchase one of the smaller Ass Spark plugs if you are a beginner at this. You don’t want to do
what I did and end up buying one that was way too big to be using for a first
timer and end up hurting yourself. It took me almost a year before I could even
think about doing any kind of anal play after that little incident. But I
persevered and kept my curiosity about it and found a smaller plug that I could
use from