Getting Acquainted with the Ass Spark

The Ass Spark is a male toy that is taking the world by storm these days. It is one of the most unique and fun sex toys that most men have ever tried playing with. For those guys that are unfamiliar with exactly what these are, the explanation is pretty simple. It is a heavy duty cock ring that is connected to an anal plug by a metal rod. This anal plug has a large ball on top. There are some designs that have two of these metal balls. It all goes deeply inside of the man and there is never any danger of anything coming out once it goes in. They stay in place even when men are swimming or playing about in the water. Most men that have tried them say that the only problem with it is trying to refrain from having an orgasm while it is in place. The penis is clamped tight and the pouch is filled completely.



Now that you know what the Ass Spark is, you may want to know how to go about finding one. So far, it seems that your best bet is going to be to get it online. That is probably better anyway because you can search and browse at your leisure without having a sales associate peering over your shoulder and offering to help you every three minutes. It is almost a guarantee that you will love this amazing and stimulating little toy as soon as you try it.


Once you get your own Ass Spark, you might want to brag about it to friends of yours. It would certainly be doing them a huge favor because then, they can start having some special fun of their own. They are sure to thank you for it once they realize what a mind blowing experience it can offer to them.

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