Ass Spark butt plug cock ring used with swimwear

Ass Spark

The ass spark from mens swimwear is one of
those anal toys that every guy interested in a little anal play should try at
least once. You don’t have to be gay in order to enjoy some casual anal stimulation,
but once you try one of these little gems, you aren’t going to want to try
anything else. This will bring a whole new ideal to your sexual fantasies that
you never knew existed and you will dream about the day when you can play with
it again. Of course, you could buy some erotic swimwear that has it included
into the design and wear it every day.

There are
some guys that will shy away from the ass
from because they don’t think they could handle
something like that. Most of those men are probably right, though. It takes a
very special man to use a toy like this. They have to be extremely secure in
their manliness in order to wear it out in public, and that is something that a
lot of guys just can’t bring themselves to do. Of course, not all men are like
that and even the CEO’s of major corporations are using them these days.
takes pride in the designing of their ass
items and they want you to experience something that you have never
experienced in your life. Give it a shot and see what you have been missing all
of these years. You know you want to try something like that, and it sure beats
sneaking your finger in while you are in the shower. This way you can slide it
in and walk around all day with that light airy feeling you always get when
playing anally. Go to and see for yourself just how great
something like this could actually be for your sex life.


Swimsuit powered by th Ass Spark experience


Ass Spark powered swimsuit by extreme mens swimwear

Ass Spark powered swimsuit by extreme mens swimwear