The Hidden and Exciting Ass Spark

One of the most amazing and entertaining toys for men is called the Ass Spark. These are wonderful hook type toys that slip right into a man’s anus and set to work stimulating those special nerve endings there that will keep a man smiling all day and all night long. The great thing about these is that they are somewhat secret in nature. You can attach them to certain types of swimwear and set off to the beach for the day, keeping your sexual sensations revved up the entire time. No needs to know anything unless, of course, you happen to experience a spontaneous orgasm on the spot. Then, people might become a bit curious but who could blame them?

The Ass Spark can also be worn under your work clothes to make your day a little more pleasant. Just imagine how much better things would be when you could stay stimulated all day long. At lunch time, you could even duck into the mens room and relieve yourself of some of the built up pleasure through the morning and then spend a relaxing afternoon until it is time to return home. Once you reach the privacy of your own abode, you can then spend a few minutes releasing more built up tension. That promises a relaxing evening and night ahead of you.

Something even more fun is if you have a partner who is waiting at home for you at the end of a long day. This is when both of you can benefit from the Ass Spark stimulation that has been going on all day. Think of how much fun the two of you could have because you are so horny and ready for some high powered sexual fun! There is nothing better than when the heat is so hot that you simply cannot find any other way to cool down except to engage in a passionate coupling. All it takes is one time to convince you that you must never be without this wonderful toy ever again! The largest selection of Ass Sparks on the planet!




My First Experience with the Ass Spark


I’m the type of guy that is always looking for new and exciting sexual experiences. So when I found out about the ass spark, I was thrilled and anxious to give it a try. The only reason I knew about it is because a friend of mine had been using one for over a year. What’s more, he even has swimsuits that you can simply connect it to inside and wear it all day while you’re enjoying a day at the beach. Obviously, since it’s made to stimulate a man, it also keeps your cock at least halfway erect. That goes a long way in filling out the front of your swimsuit and you’ll get all of these really lustful looks because of it.


I’m getting off track, though. Now back to how I learned about the ass spark. My friend and I were heading to the beach for the weekend and I saw him packing this rather odd looking device. I asked him about it and he was very forthcoming about what the device was and what its purpose was. Then he explained how it works and told me that I didn’t realize what I was missing. At first, I thought it looked a little scary but then my friend took the bull by the horns and actually showed me how to use it. It was a little embarrassing watching him do that, but it was also kind of hot.


That’s when I insisted that he loan me his laptop for a few minutes before we left for the beach so that I could go online and order my very own ass spark. It didn’t take long to get it done because my friend showed me the website where he had purchased his. I figured that I might as well get mine from the same place since he had had such great luck with his. Within about 5 minutes, I had purchased my own toy and we were on our way. The device arrived within a couple of days and I couldn’t wait to see how it worked for me. Suffice it to say that the next time we went to the beach, I had my own ass spark.

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Sorry no models today just me wearing something I think is sexy!


Getting Pleasure with the Ass Spark

Using an Ass Spark for the first time was something I never would have expected I would have enjoyed as much as I did. I was never the type of guy that got involved in anal play for any reason. It just didn’t seem like anything I would ever enjoy no matter who I was with at the time. Yet, there was something inside me that wanted to try it out somehow and that something came out while I was looking around the Internet one night. I was bored and not looking for anything specifically related to anal sex, but I came across a site that sold these toys.

My first though at seeing an Ass Spark was one of disgust and repulsion. The thought of using something like that just felt wrong to me. It was also a bit frightening. I kept looking at the different designs, though, and started to feel curious about what they felt like. After a few weeks of trying to forget about them, I decided to go ahead and purchase one to see what it would be like to use. If I didn’t like it, I could always throw it away and put it in the closet somewhere and forget about it altogether.




I have been using my Ass Spark for over a year now and I am very happy with it. That first time of trying it out showed me that I had been missing out on a lot of fun in my life. The type of fun that only one of these items will ever let you experience. I strongly suggest guys try something like this out even if it is only once. You need to experience different things in your life and this is one experience you will never forget. I have tried forgetting it but it just isn’t something that is going to happen. Instead, I continue to enjoy this amazing little toy as often as possible.


Many swimsuits, underwear and spandex fetish wear from Koala use the Ass Spark as part of the designs. They are amazing!


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Discovering Ass Spark Pleasures

Discovering Ass Spark Pleasures

The first
time I ever tried out an Ass Spark powered swimwear, underwear and sex wear, I found that my sexual exploration was
pretty limited. I thought that I had tried just about everything and felt every
sensation that I could possibly experience until I came across one of these
devices. After that first time of trying one, I found that there were so many
different things on the market to try out that I felt like I had missed out on
an entire aspect of my life. It almost made me sit down and cry because I
thought I knew it all.


Sorry no real models today just a photo of me using an Ass Spark swimsuit

The metal plug is deep inside of me while the cock ring keeps me hard. This suit shows of the shaft and separates and displays the balls. Very erotic! The plug is about 3.5 inches in me with a 1.5″ metal ball on the end.

That first
moment of deciding to use the Ass Spark was one of the hardest decisions I have
ever had to make in my entire life, though. I wasn’t sure if I was going to be
able to handle having something like that inside of me. It also made me wonder
what it was that I was hoping to find. I couldn’t really decide if whether I
was going insane or if I was finally discovering the person that I really am. The
one thing that I did realize going in is that I was going to end up having my
life changed forever. With that thought in mind, I went ahead and did what I
needed to do to experience it in its fullest.

You might
feel that using an Ass Spark is something you can try out once and never think
about again. That’s simply not true. Once you do try one out, you are going to
find out just how wrong you are. This isn’t the casual toy you might think it
is at first glance and will end up being something that you use on a regular
basis and chance you get. I thought that I might use it once or twice a month, but
found out that I couldn’t stop thinking about it. Now I use one at least three
times a week and more if I feel like it. Be prepared to become addicted to
these quite quickly.

Ass Spark to Change your Life


Ass Spark to Change your Life

I have been using an ass spark toy for a couple of
months now and I have to admit that it is not what I thought it was going to
be. I figured that it was going to be painful to have something like this
inside me and that I probably wouldn’t enjoy it very much at all. I have found,
however, that once you get used to the way it feels inside you, there really is
no pain involved. Sure, that very first time you use it can be painful if you
aren’t used to anal play, but they have lube that will help ease the pain for
you if you need it.

I will have to say that using an ass spark that you
aren’t ready for can be the wrong decision to make for some guys. I have a
friend that used one that was probably three times the size he should have
tried and he didn’t enjoy it at all. I think I could understand that if I had
decided to go to the extreme for the very first insertion, but I was a bit
smarter than that and went with the smallest one I could find instead.

One thing I do know is that using an ass spark will
definitely show you a different side of the life you could be living. Where I
was serious and quiet all the time, I have now become more open and adventurous
even when I am out in public. I never would have thought that something as
simple as using a butt plug like this could change my whole demeanor towards
life, but that is exactly what has happened. It didn’t do it overnight or
anything, but over the last few months, I have been more outgoing and effable
than I have ever been. It’s definitely been a life changing experience for me.


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The Exciting Ass Spark

The Exciting Ass Spark

Using an ass
spark is something that I never really thought of trying before until I heard a
friend of mine talking about it. I never really considered trying anything in
the anal play arena but my friend told me that it was one of the most exciting
things he had ever tried. He was so enthusiastic that I became increasingly
curious as he continued to talk about it. I even got to the point where I
insisted on him showing me his toys so that I could see for myself what they
were like and whether or not they would be something I was might want to try.

I will tell
you that when he first started talking about his ass spark toys I thought they
were going to be huge. In fact, I figured that he was telling me about items
that I would probably never feel comfortable with in this lifetime, but I still
wanted to see what they looked like. I thought that I might be able to find
something more my size if I at least knew what it was I was supposed to be
looking for. But I wasn’t expecting the size of the items that he finally
brought out for me to look at.

His ass
spark toys were all of a rather small design. In fact, I thought he was joking
when he showed me the first one he ever used. I just knew that he was using
toys that were much bigger than that, but he probably didn’t want to scare me
off or anything. Then he told me that was the first one he ever used and, like
me, he didn’t want to try something that was too big and end up regretting it
later. I could definitely understand that, but since I knew they made smaller
ones, I was a bit more curious about what I could find to try. They may say
that curiosity killed the cat, but, in my case, curiosity just might make me
feel more alive than ever.


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Ass Spark for Fun Anywhere

Ass Spark for Fun Anywhere

I have an
ass spark that I am using right this very second and I can’t put into words how
exciting it is. I love being able to use something like this in the privacy of
my own home for sure, but I also enjoy the fact that you can also purchase
certain kinds of swimwear that you can actually attach one of these marvelous
items to and enjoy it out on the beach. If you have never had the opportunity
to use one of these out in public, now is your chance. You won’t regret it,
either; I can promise you that.

Of course
using something like an ass spark out in public has some risks involved. You
aren’t going to be able to do a whole lot of active based things. People are
instantly going to notice that something is different with you when you start
moving around and having an orgasm at the same time. The more movement you do
the more likely you are going to experience something that should probably stay
in the bedroom where it belongs. But there might be some people out there that
will understand and want to join you in all your fun.


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I have taken
my ass spark to work with me once and found that doing so can be complicated.
It’s not like you can stop using it in a split second, so don’t take it to work
if you know you are going to have a day filled with business meetings. Sure,
you might be sitting down the entire time but that isn’t going to make things
any better for you. Then you will have to excuse yourself to use the rest room
so that you can take it out. However, the next problem is where are you going
to store it? These things need to be thought out ahead of time so that you
don’t give people the wrong impression. Otherwise, have a great time with your


The Amazing, Arousing, Addictive Ass Spark

The Amazing, Arousing, Addictive Ass Spark

If you’ve never delved into anal play either a lot
or at all, you probably aren’t familiar with a great little toy known quite
appropriately as the Ass Spark. This awesome toy fits around your balls and
then you slide the other end of it where a ball rests right into your ass. Now that
will definitely put some spark in your sex play. Another thing that’s so
wonderful about it is that you can wear it all the time if you so choose. You
can wear it to work under your clothes, around the house under your boxers, or
even underneath your swimsuit. In fact, there are many swimsuits now that have
this device built right in so that you can slip into the swimsuit and into the
Ass Spark at the same time. Now, if that’s not your idea of heaven, what is?

This device works to keep you in a state of constant
sexual arousal and has even been known to cause some of the most remarkable
orgasms you just might ever have. If you don’t believe me, check out the
testimonials online from guys that have become absolutely addicted to wearing
them all the time. There are even men that have worked wearing these devices
into all the areas of their lives and no one is the wiser unless they decide to
tell people.

Wouldn’t it be fun to have a secret such as this?
Wearing your Ass Spark without anyone knowing may be one of the most
entertaining secrets you’ve ever had. You’ll probably go around all day with
this little smug smile on your face that will have others wondering what you’ve
got going on that makes you smile that way. This may also keep your stress
level down as you go about your work day responsibilities. Of course, you’ll
have to watch that your arousal level doesn’t go too high or your secret may
not be so well kept any longer.


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Ignite Your Excitement with the Ass Spark

Ignite Your Excitement with the Ass Spark

When I first heard about the Ass Spark, I was
curious but actually thought it sounded like something that might just be a bit
painful. I mean, think about it. Those two words together simply bring about a
rather scary visual. On the other hand, I’m kind of one of those people that
love trying weird and slightly scary things. I’m also very adventurous when it
comes to new sex toys. So while I was browsing around on the Internet, it
caught my eye. After I had read the description of it, I knew right then that I
must have one.

This is the name of a rather unique butt plug. Once
you try out the Ass Spark, you’ll see instantly why it is named thus. There’s
nothing hotter and more exciting than sliding this plug right inside of your
ass. No man ever felt more of a “spark” of excitement than this device
provides. What’s even better is that you can wear it at any place at any time.
If you’ve been practicing wearing it at home, you’ll be able to wear it to work
and even out for a night on the town. No one will be the wiser, although they
may wonder at that goofy, constant smile that will stay plastered on your face.
A smile is only one of the things that the Ass Spark
will bring into your life. It will also enhance your sexual excitement even
when you’re not having sex. I know you may not believe that, but go ahead and
give it a chance. You’ll see that everything I’ve said is the absolute truth.
You’ve certainly got nothing to lose by giving it a try and everything to gain.
Just be careful that you don’t get too ambitious with the size on your first
outing. Start small and work your way up. That’s the only way to fully
appreciate everything that this device has to offer you.

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Experimenting with the Ass Spark

Experimenting with the Ass Spark

Using an Ass
Spark is probably one of the sexiest things you will ever get the chance to
enjoy. Now, this isn’t something that you are going to be able to dive right
into and enjoy if you have never had any experience with anal pleasures in the
past. If you are new to this level of excitement, then you are going to want to
prepare yourself ahead of time. While you are preparing yourself for one of
these wonderful toys, you will find out whether or not this is something you
want to pursue.

Ass Spark anal plug cock ring built into extreme spandex cock display

Ass Spark butt plug cock ring built into extreme spandex cock display

The Ass
Spark that I use on a regular basis is the perfect size to make me excited, but
isn’t too big so that I can’t wear it around while I’m out in public. That is
the great thing about using these toys; you can actually attach them to certain
kinds of erotic swimwear so that you can enjoy your anal pleasures all day
long. Of course, that only works if you think you are man enough to last that
long. Personally, I can only handle a few hours of having one inside me before
I have to take it out from pure exhaustion. You might be different with it,
though, and the only way you will know is by trying it out.


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