The Hidden and Exciting Ass Spark

One of the most amazing and entertaining toys for men is called the Ass Spark. These are wonderful hook type toys that slip right into a man’s anus and set to work stimulating those special nerve endings there that will keep a man smiling all day and all night long. The great thing about these is that they are somewhat secret in nature. You can attach them to certain types of swimwear and set off to the beach for the day, keeping your sexual sensations revved up the entire time. No needs to know anything unless, of course, you happen to experience a spontaneous orgasm on the spot. Then, people might become a bit curious but who could blame them?

The Ass Spark can also be worn under your work clothes to make your day a little more pleasant. Just imagine how much better things would be when you could stay stimulated all day long. At lunch time, you could even duck into the mens room and relieve yourself of some of the built up pleasure through the morning and then spend a relaxing afternoon until it is time to return home. Once you reach the privacy of your own abode, you can then spend a few minutes releasing more built up tension. That promises a relaxing evening and night ahead of you.

Something even more fun is if you have a partner who is waiting at home for you at the end of a long day. This is when both of you can benefit from the Ass Spark stimulation that has been going on all day. Think of how much fun the two of you could have because you are so horny and ready for some high powered sexual fun! There is nothing better than when the heat is so hot that you simply cannot find any other way to cool down except to engage in a passionate coupling. All it takes is one time to convince you that you must never be without this wonderful toy ever again! The largest selection of Ass Sparks on the planet!




Getting Acquainted with the Ass Spark

The Ass Spark is a male toy that is taking the world by storm these days. It is one of the most unique and fun sex toys that most men have ever tried playing with. For those guys that are unfamiliar with exactly what these are, the explanation is pretty simple. It is a heavy duty cock ring that is connected to an anal plug by a metal rod. This anal plug has a large ball on top. There are some designs that have two of these metal balls. It all goes deeply inside of the man and there is never any danger of anything coming out once it goes in. They stay in place even when men are swimming or playing about in the water. Most men that have tried them say that the only problem with it is trying to refrain from having an orgasm while it is in place. The penis is clamped tight and the pouch is filled completely.



Now that you know what the Ass Spark is, you may want to know how to go about finding one. So far, it seems that your best bet is going to be to get it online. That is probably better anyway because you can search and browse at your leisure without having a sales associate peering over your shoulder and offering to help you every three minutes. It is almost a guarantee that you will love this amazing and stimulating little toy as soon as you try it.


Once you get your own Ass Spark, you might want to brag about it to friends of yours. It would certainly be doing them a huge favor because then, they can start having some special fun of their own. They are sure to thank you for it once they realize what a mind blowing experience it can offer to them.

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The Ass Spark Veteran



Even though the ass spark has made quite a name for itself in the relatively short time that it has been on the market, there are still guys that are being introduced to this wondrous, magical and stimulating device every day. That’s when those guys that have been riding this particular train since the launch of it come in handy. Since they are veterans of wearing this device and understand the many joys it provides, they are the very best men to explain the entire process to the newbies that are coming on board. They can answer questions about how to wear it, when to wear it and how long to wear it. Any question that you may have regarding this amazing device can be answered by the experts.


The ass spark is often built into swimsuits that will allow you to wear them to the beach and stay on the verge of an orgasm the entire time you’re there. Of course, then you can come home and really let go to experience one of the most intense orgasms you’re ever likely to have. That’s why many men insist on having this device and wearing it anywhere they go. The stimulation that it provides will make for the best solo sex you’ve ever had. It can also go a long way to adding some spice to your sexual encounters with your partner. Just think of how urgent you’ll feel for release once you have had this device teasing you for hours.


Many men buy the ass spark as gifts for their partners. When that happens, those duet orgasms are something to behold! If you live near people, expect a phone call or two or even possibly a visit from the local police force. That’s how strong those orgasms are. Just imagine that times two. You’ll be able to enjoy them, too, once you have your own device.


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My First Experience with the Ass Spark


I’m the type of guy that is always looking for new and exciting sexual experiences. So when I found out about the ass spark, I was thrilled and anxious to give it a try. The only reason I knew about it is because a friend of mine had been using one for over a year. What’s more, he even has swimsuits that you can simply connect it to inside and wear it all day while you’re enjoying a day at the beach. Obviously, since it’s made to stimulate a man, it also keeps your cock at least halfway erect. That goes a long way in filling out the front of your swimsuit and you’ll get all of these really lustful looks because of it.


I’m getting off track, though. Now back to how I learned about the ass spark. My friend and I were heading to the beach for the weekend and I saw him packing this rather odd looking device. I asked him about it and he was very forthcoming about what the device was and what its purpose was. Then he explained how it works and told me that I didn’t realize what I was missing. At first, I thought it looked a little scary but then my friend took the bull by the horns and actually showed me how to use it. It was a little embarrassing watching him do that, but it was also kind of hot.


That’s when I insisted that he loan me his laptop for a few minutes before we left for the beach so that I could go online and order my very own ass spark. It didn’t take long to get it done because my friend showed me the website where he had purchased his. I figured that I might as well get mine from the same place since he had had such great luck with his. Within about 5 minutes, I had purchased my own toy and we were on our way. The device arrived within a couple of days and I couldn’t wait to see how it worked for me. Suffice it to say that the next time we went to the beach, I had my own ass spark.

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Sorry no models today just me wearing something I think is sexy!


Getting Pleasure with the Ass Spark

Using an Ass Spark for the first time was something I never would have expected I would have enjoyed as much as I did. I was never the type of guy that got involved in anal play for any reason. It just didn’t seem like anything I would ever enjoy no matter who I was with at the time. Yet, there was something inside me that wanted to try it out somehow and that something came out while I was looking around the Internet one night. I was bored and not looking for anything specifically related to anal sex, but I came across a site that sold these toys.

My first though at seeing an Ass Spark was one of disgust and repulsion. The thought of using something like that just felt wrong to me. It was also a bit frightening. I kept looking at the different designs, though, and started to feel curious about what they felt like. After a few weeks of trying to forget about them, I decided to go ahead and purchase one to see what it would be like to use. If I didn’t like it, I could always throw it away and put it in the closet somewhere and forget about it altogether.




I have been using my Ass Spark for over a year now and I am very happy with it. That first time of trying it out showed me that I had been missing out on a lot of fun in my life. The type of fun that only one of these items will ever let you experience. I strongly suggest guys try something like this out even if it is only once. You need to experience different things in your life and this is one experience you will never forget. I have tried forgetting it but it just isn’t something that is going to happen. Instead, I continue to enjoy this amazing little toy as often as possible.


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My First Ass Spark Experience


My first time using an Ass Spark was quite an adventure for me. I have used a lot of different anal toys in my life, but never thought that something this great was available these days. My partner had found them online and wanted me to take a look at them to see what I thought. I wasn’t too sure about them when I first saw them, but I figured that we might as well give them a try to see if they would work for us. We have had plenty of moments with other anal toys that they just didn’t do anything for us.

The funny thing about using an Ass Spark is that you shouldn’t expect anything out of them. If you are expecting to have a good time or that you might not enjoy it all that much, they will completely change your mind. Not only are you going to have a good time with something like this, but it is indeed mind blowing the first time you slide it in. I couldn’t believe how great it felt when I first used it and I was even more surprised to see my partners eyes light up when he tried it.

These Ass Spark products are definitely something that I would suggest for any guy, or gal, that is into anal play. I wouldn’t even bother purchasing any other toys that are on the market these days because this is the only thing you really need. Some guys may find hem a bit awkward at first, but give them some time and you will see what it is like to have the best anal experience of your life. I think they would be good for anyone just starting to get involved in anal play as a learning device as well.

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My Experience with an Ass Spark


The first time I ever used an Ass Spark I wasn’t sure I was going to enjoy it. I have used anal toys in the past and enjoyed them a lot, but this seemed like something completely different for anything I had ever used. I was curious but there was something about the design that scared me just a bit as well. Of course now I am using one all the time and enjoy it so much that I just can’t seem to get it out of my mind. That first time, though, was completely different from anything else I had ever tried.

I wouldn’t go so far as to say that I enjoyed my first time with an Ass Spark per se. It was more of a learning experience that I am glad that I went through. Although I would have preferred having someone with me that knew a little bit more about what they were supposed to be doing in regards to this, but you go with what you have at hand, I guess. Thankfully, my partner has learned what needs to be done with these toys and it’s not all that bad now.

Since my first time with an Ass Spark, I have found that I am extremely curious about everything that has to do with anal play. I don’t know if it was something that I had inside me my entire life or if it was something that got unlocked when I used this toy for the first time. But I can’t say that I am upset by it. I love the feelings and sensations I can get from using my newfound toy and I will tell everyone I come in contact with that they should try it. Then they can experience the same things I have in my life.

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The Wonderful Ass Spark


The ass spark anal toy is one of the most unique and exciting things I have ever used in the bedroom. I never would have thought that something like this would make me feel the way they do, but I am glad that I have decided to give them a try. I’m not the type of guy that goes out and tries any sexual aspect just to see what it feels like, but this is something that actually had me curious for a long time. So I just had to find one of these marvelous little inventions and give it a shot.


I will tell you that when you first get involved in using the ass spark toy, you need to make sure that you are either prepared to take the size you purchase or buy one that is extremely small. You don’t want to be trying to force something into your ass that you can’t handle. It’s not as much fun as you might think it sounds like and you could end up hurting yourself pretty badly. Thankfully, I was using some common sense when I selected mine and went with the smaller ones.

I have been using an ass spark toy for a while now and it has completely turned my life around. I am more willing to try new things with my life to see how they are going to work out, whereas in the past, I would simply stick to the rut I forced myself into. I can enjoy things in life that I had never been willing to give a chance now as well. It seems like everything I do makes me feel better about myself and I have those wonderful toys to thank for it. At least that is what I am going to think until something different happens.

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Buying My Own Ass Spark

I tried using an ass spark a couple of weeks ago and can’t think of anything else since then. It was so amazing that my every thought eventually leads back to that moment when I first slid it inside me. The elation that I felt as it popped into place and held fast keeps coming back to me again and again. I just can’t concentrate on anything else and I need to purchase my very own so that I can enjoy it at will. Okay, maybe not at will per se, but as often as I possibly can while I am at home and no one else is around.


I would think that using an ass spark at work would probably not be something I should do. I know how I reacted to using that one for the first time and if I started moaning and yelling inside my office, then someone would come in to check on me. I can just imagine the looks I would get when they opened my office door and found me lying on my back, on my desk, with both legs up in the air moaning with orgasmic pleasure and no pants on. I would probably be asked to leave at that point in time.


I guess I should start looking around for an ass spark that I can use at home now. I have spent so much time thinking about one that I owe it to myself to take a few minutes to look around online. In fact, I probably should have spent most of the time over the last couple of weeks that I was thinking about that moment, actually purchasing and using my own little toy. If I had done that, then I probably wouldn’t have enough time to write about this. That might not have been such a bad thing after all.


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The Right Way to Enjoy an Ass Spark

Using an ass
spark for the first time is one of the most exciting moments of your life, or
at least it should be. Most guys that start using things like this will do
everything in their power to find that feeling again with the next one they use
and this can lead to trying out bigger ones before you are actually ready for
them. I know a few guys that have felt that way and it ended up ruining their
sexual experiences with these devices pretty quickly. You have to take your
time when using things like this so your body can get used to it.

I still have
the original ass spark that I purchased for my first experience and use it on a
regular basis. I have purchased some larger ones over the years and use them
for the excitement they offer, but always after preparing myself with the
smaller one. It is just common sense when you really think about what you are
using and where you are using it, that you would want to get yourself used to
it first. I’m not saying you have to do that, but you will enjoy it much better
if you do.

Anyone that
has used an ass spark before will tell you that it’s the most fun they have had
in the bedroom in a long time. The best thing about them is the fact that you
can explore your sexuality without having anyone there with you. It is
enjoyable to have someone helping you use one of these toys, but being by
yourself allows you to go along at your own pace and that is very important,
too. I wouldn’t give my toys up for anything in the world and most guys that
have an affinity for anal toys will tell you the exact same thing.