Getting Pleasure with the Ass Spark

Using an Ass Spark for the first time was something I never would have expected I would have enjoyed as much as I did. I was never the type of guy that got involved in anal play for any reason. It just didn’t seem like anything I would ever enjoy no matter who I was with at the time. Yet, there was something inside me that wanted to try it out somehow and that something came out while I was looking around the Internet one night. I was bored and not looking for anything specifically related to anal sex, but I came across a site that sold these toys.

My first though at seeing an Ass Spark was one of disgust and repulsion. The thought of using something like that just felt wrong to me. It was also a bit frightening. I kept looking at the different designs, though, and started to feel curious about what they felt like. After a few weeks of trying to forget about them, I decided to go ahead and purchase one to see what it would be like to use. If I didn’t like it, I could always throw it away and put it in the closet somewhere and forget about it altogether.




I have been using my Ass Spark for over a year now and I am very happy with it. That first time of trying it out showed me that I had been missing out on a lot of fun in my life. The type of fun that only one of these items will ever let you experience. I strongly suggest guys try something like this out even if it is only once. You need to experience different things in your life and this is one experience you will never forget. I have tried forgetting it but it just isn’t something that is going to happen. Instead, I continue to enjoy this amazing little toy as often as possible.


Many swimsuits, underwear and spandex fetish wear from Koala use the Ass Spark as part of the designs. They are amazing!


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Enjoy Your Ass Spark Anytime

Ass Spark

Enjoy Your Ass Spark Anytime

Have you
ever been sitting in your office chair, toiling away at your daily workload,
wishing you had something like an ass spark sitting comfortably within your
ass? Well, the good news is that you now have that chance to have something in
your ass while you are working, and these items can be permanently attached to
the erotic swimwear you have on under your pants. What could possibly make all
those hours at work be any better than having something like this to play and
tease yourself with? If you are into anal play, then this is the next step for

You should
know that the ass spark is not simply a gay man’s play toy. This is something
that any guy out there that is interested in anal play can try out. Of course,
you should make sure that you are capable of taking in the size that you
purchase. The best way of getting around this is to find the one that you
really want to try out and buy the one a size smaller than that one. Then you
know you are going to be ready for the one that you have actually purchased and
you can move up to the larger one later on.


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Ass Spark cock rings and cock displays at sex wear

Ass Spark cock rings and cock displays at

Choosing Your Ass Spark

Ass Spark

Choosing Your Ass Spark

How many
times would you love to be able to enjoy some exciting anal play whenever you
would like? Well, purchasing an ass spark would be the best way of doing just
that. In addition, you are going to have to find a piece of erotic swimwear
that you can attach something like this to so that you can use it all the time
no matter what you are doing. Think about how great it would be to sit in your
office at work and have something tickling you on the inside while your boss is
trying to explain something you don’t really care about in the first place.

The ass
spark is one of those items that can really change your life around for you and
show you that there are more things in life that you could be enjoying. Sure,
you can purchase all kinds of items that will give you a few minutes or hours
of fun, but none of them are going to give you the same kind of excitement as
something like this would bring to you. Just make sure that you have the right
size so that you can enjoy it rather than get hurt by it.  However, choosing the righ one is all part of
the fun.


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You Must Try the Ass Spark

Ass Spark

You Must Try the Ass Spark

If you have
an anal fetish, then you are going to want to pick yourself out an ass spark
and try seeing how long you can last while wearing it all day. You will soon
find that your fetish is taking on a life of its own when you slide one of
these fantastic toys into your ass and start realizing that you can orgasm with
every step you take. If you don’t think that will happen to you, then you have
never tried anything like this before and should immediately go out and find
one to see for yourself.

Now, there
are going to be those groups of guys that thinks using an ass spark immediately
makes you gay, but I am here to say that just isn’t the case. I love anal play
and I am a happily married man. Just because I use an item like this to have
some fun with doesn’t mean that I want to sleep around with another guy,
although I have been known to let my wife fuck me with a strap on a few times
in the past. Sometimes it’s just better to receive than it is to give all the


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Ass Spark ass hook swimwear and sex wear by ana gear, cock gear

Ass Spark ass hook swimwear and sex wear by

Get Your Ass Spark On!

Ass Spark

Get Your Ass Spark On!

The ass
spark items that you can find on are going to make you fully
understand what it means to enjoy anal play. Guys that don’t think they would
enjoy something like this are going to be shocked once they start using one.
They will find an emotional as well as physical connection with their new toy
that will make them want to never take it out again. Of course, there are going
to be times when you can’t use it, but there are plenty more times when you can
use it and have a lot of fun doing so.

The thought
that having an ass spark attached to your swimwear is something that brings a
huge smile to guys that enjoy anal play on a regular basis. They know that there
is nothing better than being able to walk around all day long with one of these
items permanently inserted into their nether region and that makes them very
happy, indeed. You really should try one of these items out to see what it’s
like, but if you are new to it all, you should probably choose the smaller
version first. You don’t want to try something that is too big for you and end
up hurting yourself in the process. These are supposed to be fun, not painful!


Double bump ass spark style ass hook by exciting and fun

Double bump ass spark style ass hook by

Ass Spark cock ring anal plug unit and cock/ball crushers

Ass Spark

ass spark is one of those items that
any guy interested in anal play should pick up as soon as possible. You aren’t
going to be able to find a more versatile accessory than this one, and they
even have swimwear that is specifically designed to utilize it in ways you
never imagined before. You really have to love the fact that you can choose
your size, and using it on a daily basis will bring you large amounts of
pleasure. Of course, you have to be prepared for what you are going to be doing
with it.

The ass spark design is meant for guys that
are used to anal play. If you have never done anything like this before, then
you need to prepare yourself so that you don’t do any damage. There are some
smaller versions out there that you can use to get yourself ready for what this
item can do for you, though. The beginner should refrain from using the larger
and more advanced option that has to offer until you are sure
that you are ready. But once you put one of these items in, you won’t regret
your decision to purchase it in any way shape or form. How many times have you
wished you could be wearing an ass spark
while you are sitting at work or even walking through the mall? Well,
has options available that will let you enjoy your spark anywhere you might be
and at any time.


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New silicone male chastity devices to use with the Ass Spark

Have you tried the ultimate male anal toy? or should I say anal sex weapon. The Ass Spark from Link: Mens swimwear is one of the most amazing combo anal plug cock rings around. You get the hardest hardons wearing it and the most intense orgasms. Now Koala has a number of male chastity devices that work with all Ass Spark styles. In addition to Ass Sparks and Male chastity devices (one of the largest selections on the planet) they are famous for making the works most extreme men’s swimwear, spandex sex wear, penis display suits and more. There head designer Michael David is world famous for his insane styles.


Here is an example:


Rear Assault Bikini

There are a
lot of men that love the Impaled Bikini,
but they are looking for something that has a bigger pouch for their much
larger cocks. Well, has heard your requests and has brought you
the Rear Assault Bikini just for that
purpose. In fact, this is one bikini that will be the closest to the Impaled Bikini than any other style currently
available. Of course, the main difference is going to be the fact that the four
way stretch Lycra Spandex pouch in the front is going to be big enough to
handle even the largest of cocks you’ll find in the real world.

But that
doesn’t mean that only large cocked individuals can wear something like this.
There are plenty of men that have average sized cocks and even smaller than
average cocks that can wear this Rear
Assault Bikini
without any hassles and look just as impressive as those
guys with rather large looking members. The reason for this is in the fact that
the balls and cock are all pushed forward into the same pouch to give the
impression of much more meat in the package.

Now you have
no reason whatsoever to not purchase something like the Rear Assault Bikini and go out and have some fun. You get the fully
adjustable cock strap on the inside of the pouch to maintain that hard erect
look along with the Ass Spark and cock ring combo to help stimulate the nether
regions you love so much. There is nothing more exciting than wearing a
combination of this magnitude out on the beach or in the privacy of your own
home and still feel as sexy as you ever could. The Rear Assault Bikini is one of those bikinis that you just have to
try to fully appreciate.

Ass Spark

Ass Spark products is a line of male cock rings, plugs and toys. The main product in the line is called an Ass Spark. It is a combination metal cock ring and anal plug, these are also known as Cock locks or ass locks. We will be adding much more information about Ass Spark products shortly but you can see them in action at Mens swimwear. This site not only offers Ass Spark Products but the hottest men’s swimwear, spandex fetish wear, Lycra sex wear, stainless steel toys and so much more. It will blow you away and if you are already searching the term Ass Spark than you have most likelyhave heard about how amazing they are.