Trying Out the Ass Spark

Ass Spark

Trying Out the Ass Spark

If you
really want to experience anal play in the most unique way possible, then
purchasing an ass spark from is the only way to go. You are about
to experience the world of anal ecstasy in the best possible way, and you will
love every second of it. The best thing about these little teasers is that you
can wear them just about anywhere you might be going. That’s right; you get to
enjoy having your ass teased all day long with something like this. and you can
do it in public if you think you can handle something that intense.

Most guys
think an ass spark is something that you should only play around with while you
are in the comfort of your own bedroom, but that just isn’t so these days. Guys
from all over the world have been looking for something that they can have
inside them at work or on the bus to work and these toys are made specifically
for that. Now all you have to do is decide what size you want to try out and
give it a shot. You know you are going to enjoy it more than anything else you
have played around with.


Anal stretcher being inserted. Gaping fun by home of the Ass Spark

Anal stretcher being inserted. Gaping fun by home of the Ass Spark

Choosing Your Ass Spark

Ass Spark

Choosing Your Ass Spark

How many
times would you love to be able to enjoy some exciting anal play whenever you
would like? Well, purchasing an ass spark would be the best way of doing just
that. In addition, you are going to have to find a piece of erotic swimwear
that you can attach something like this to so that you can use it all the time
no matter what you are doing. Think about how great it would be to sit in your
office at work and have something tickling you on the inside while your boss is
trying to explain something you don’t really care about in the first place.

The ass
spark is one of those items that can really change your life around for you and
show you that there are more things in life that you could be enjoying. Sure,
you can purchase all kinds of items that will give you a few minutes or hours
of fun, but none of them are going to give you the same kind of excitement as
something like this would bring to you. Just make sure that you have the right
size so that you can enjoy it rather than get hurt by it.  However, choosing the righ one is all part of
the fun.


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Ass Spark Men

Ass Spark

Ass Spark Men

When it
comes to finding out just how much a man you really are, the ass spark will
show you everything you need to know. There are few guys out there that can handle
something like this on a regular basis, but for those guys that can, using this
type of item will be the highlight of their day. Now, it’s not like you have to
use items like this on a regular basis, but if that is something that you
choose to do, then you will be happy to know there are options in swimwear that
will allow you to wear them all the time.

If you are
using your ass spark all the time, then you will probably need to accustom
yourself to actually doing things while you have one inserted. Some guys don’t
understand what is involved with going about daily routines while you have an
anal plug moving around inside you and that can be a very unique situation at
times. Just imagine riding public transportation while you have something like
this in you and you will completely understand why you need to take your time
and practice doing things around the house before taking off out the door and
wearing one to work. This is vital information to have ahead of time.


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Get Your Ass Spark On!

Ass Spark

Get Your Ass Spark On!

The ass
spark items that you can find on are going to make you fully
understand what it means to enjoy anal play. Guys that don’t think they would
enjoy something like this are going to be shocked once they start using one.
They will find an emotional as well as physical connection with their new toy
that will make them want to never take it out again. Of course, there are going
to be times when you can’t use it, but there are plenty more times when you can
use it and have a lot of fun doing so.

The thought
that having an ass spark attached to your swimwear is something that brings a
huge smile to guys that enjoy anal play on a regular basis. They know that there
is nothing better than being able to walk around all day long with one of these
items permanently inserted into their nether region and that makes them very
happy, indeed. You really should try one of these items out to see what it’s
like, but if you are new to it all, you should probably choose the smaller
version first. You don’t want to try something that is too big for you and end
up hurting yourself in the process. These are supposed to be fun, not painful!


Double bump ass spark style ass hook by exciting and fun

Double bump ass spark style ass hook by

Ass Spark and new anal spreader g-string

Ass Spark

The ass spark is probably
one of the most unique toys you are ever going to find when it comes to anal
play for men. While there are thousands of other items on the market that a man
can slide up his butt and enjoy playing around with, only this item is giving
you differing options on how you use it. In fact, you will be surprised to know
that there is a whole range of swimwear designs on that allows
you to attach this plug to them so that you can wear it all day long if you so

There are
even swimwear options that require you to use the ass spark in order to keep the swimwear from falling off. Now,
these are definitely for the experienced users out there and not for the faint
of heart, either. If you have never used any kind of toy for anal satisfaction,
then you might want to prepare yourself ahead of time before purchasing one of
these items. If you are used to anal play, then you absolutely have to pick out
something from that utilizes it in a way you have never thought
of before.

decision to use an ass spark is
something that you can only make once you have all the information on what they
are and how to use them properly. If you are new to this concept, then go to and check out what they are and what they are made out of first.
Once you are comfortable with the thought of how to use them, then you can
figure out which one you should purchase. Every man is different, and they will
experience these items in different ways, but they are also going to be very
pleased with the erotic nature and pleasurable stimulation that something like
this can give to them.


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This is me trying out a new anal stretcher g-string. Thi suit should be out in Oct 2012


Ass Sparks and anal stretchers by Cock and anal gear

Ass Sparks and anal stretchers by




The pleasure of anal sex with your own Ass Spark and other gear

Ass Spark, Butt Cums and More

Come see our full line of Koala Ass Spark anal pleasure cock ring plugs along with anal stretchers, plugs, ball and cock crushers, penis enlargement and a whole line of cock gear.


I have been searching for that ass
that I can experience and that has also been long gone. I haven’t had
a really good sex in so long that’s why I kind of forgot how it felt. My
partner and I are also very vocal as to whether or not we are satisfied with
each other and I noticed that oftentimes, we tell each other that we’re not
that into having sex as much anymore like we used to.


I kind of felt alarmed with this constant experience so I promised
myself to perform better. In fact, my partner and I even talked to each and
discussed our options when it comes to making out and sex. We both wanted to
feel that ass spark over again and
we were so ready to make it happen for real.


And by some twist of fate, perhaps because of our very serious
conversation a few days ago, the sex that we had last night was the most
exciting, most thrilling, and most delicions sex I have ever had in a very long
time. I’ve suddenly felt surges of ass
, butt cums and everything I ever wanted and I am now satisfied.


Ass Spark fun and male chastity photo

Using an Ass Spark plug can be one of the most
rewarding things you can do. You get that wonderful anal feeling without having
to worry about someone else being there to give it to you. This can come in
very handy for guys that aren’t looking for any kind of a relationship or guys
that are in a relationship, but want some extra fun on the side. Either way,
you are going to be getting your money’s worth out of an item like this, and
you will be very happy that you decided to purchase one from

Your choice
to wear an Ass Spark is something
that is extremely personal. You can’t be forced into something like this from
someone else. Although, there are a few guys out there that love the submissive
aspect of being forced into anal play and there is nothing wrong with that. But
you need to make sure that you are willing to go through with something like
this and not back down. Once you do go through with it, you will be feeling all
kinds of new and exciting aspects to your life that you never would have had
before using an anal plug.

The Ass Spark plug is one of the best
things you can ever use with your erotic swimwear from Not only
do you get to walk around looking as sexy as hell, but you also get the ability
to have some anal fun while you are at it. This also makes lying out and
getting a tan something of an adventure because you are getting an orgasmic
feeling running through your body while you are getting that sexy dark tan you
love so much. How many other things out there can do that for you while you are

There is
nothing wrong with guys that aren’t willing to use an Ass Spark for fun and pleasure. In fact, there are quite a few guys
out there that aren’t even interested in anal play of any kind, and that is
perfectly fine for them. But for those guys that love anal play and want
something that will make them feel great and keep their cocks as hard as
concrete while they are using it, there is nothing better than the this
glorious little plug from You have to admire a company that
would put this much love into something that you slide into your ass just for
the thrill of it.

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Here is a photo of a micro cock cage I just ordered. It works great when I wear an Ass Spark with it!

Penis enlargement using an Ass Spark

Think about
all the places that you can wear your Ass
and no one would be the wiser. Then, think about all the things you
could be doing while you were wearing one of these and how much more fun it
could be for you at the same time. There is nothing you can’t do while wearing
an anal plug, unless, of course, you are going in for a prostate exam or
something of that nature. But since you don’t have to do things like that all
that often, you can usually prepare ahead of time to not be wearing it.

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There are a
lot of things in my life that bring me happiness, but only my Ass Spark can bring me the erotic
feelings that good anal play can bring a guy. If you have never tried anal play
before, then purchasing something like this from is a pretty good
way of getting started. You can try it out in your own home when you are alone
so that you can get used to the way something like this works, and you don’t
have to feel embarrassed about it. This is one of the main reasons that guys
start anal play out in this fashion.

Of course,
you should take my advice and purchase one of the smaller Ass Spark plugs if you are a beginner at this. You don’t want to do
what I did and end up buying one that was way too big to be using for a first
timer and end up hurting yourself. It took me almost a year before I could even
think about doing any kind of anal play after that little incident. But I
persevered and kept my curiosity about it and found a smaller plug that I could
use from

New silicone male chastity devices to use with the Ass Spark

Have you tried the ultimate male anal toy? or should I say anal sex weapon. The Ass Spark from Link: Mens swimwear is one of the most amazing combo anal plug cock rings around. You get the hardest hardons wearing it and the most intense orgasms. Now Koala has a number of male chastity devices that work with all Ass Spark styles. In addition to Ass Sparks and Male chastity devices (one of the largest selections on the planet) they are famous for making the works most extreme men’s swimwear, spandex sex wear, penis display suits and more. There head designer Michael David is world famous for his insane styles.


Here is an example:


Rear Assault Bikini

There are a
lot of men that love the Impaled Bikini,
but they are looking for something that has a bigger pouch for their much
larger cocks. Well, has heard your requests and has brought you
the Rear Assault Bikini just for that
purpose. In fact, this is one bikini that will be the closest to the Impaled Bikini than any other style currently
available. Of course, the main difference is going to be the fact that the four
way stretch Lycra Spandex pouch in the front is going to be big enough to
handle even the largest of cocks you’ll find in the real world.

But that
doesn’t mean that only large cocked individuals can wear something like this.
There are plenty of men that have average sized cocks and even smaller than
average cocks that can wear this Rear
Assault Bikini
without any hassles and look just as impressive as those
guys with rather large looking members. The reason for this is in the fact that
the balls and cock are all pushed forward into the same pouch to give the
impression of much more meat in the package.

Now you have
no reason whatsoever to not purchase something like the Rear Assault Bikini and go out and have some fun. You get the fully
adjustable cock strap on the inside of the pouch to maintain that hard erect
look along with the Ass Spark and cock ring combo to help stimulate the nether
regions you love so much. There is nothing more exciting than wearing a
combination of this magnitude out on the beach or in the privacy of your own
home and still feel as sexy as you ever could. The Rear Assault Bikini is one of those bikinis that you just have to
try to fully appreciate.