You Must Try the Ass Spark

Ass Spark

You Must Try the Ass Spark

If you have
an anal fetish, then you are going to want to pick yourself out an ass spark
and try seeing how long you can last while wearing it all day. You will soon
find that your fetish is taking on a life of its own when you slide one of
these fantastic toys into your ass and start realizing that you can orgasm with
every step you take. If you don’t think that will happen to you, then you have
never tried anything like this before and should immediately go out and find
one to see for yourself.

Now, there
are going to be those groups of guys that thinks using an ass spark immediately
makes you gay, but I am here to say that just isn’t the case. I love anal play
and I am a happily married man. Just because I use an item like this to have
some fun with doesn’t mean that I want to sleep around with another guy,
although I have been known to let my wife fuck me with a strap on a few times
in the past. Sometimes it’s just better to receive than it is to give all the


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Ass Spark ass hook swimwear and sex wear by ana gear, cock gear

Ass Spark ass hook swimwear and sex wear by

Ass Spark fun and male chastity photo

Using an Ass Spark plug can be one of the most
rewarding things you can do. You get that wonderful anal feeling without having
to worry about someone else being there to give it to you. This can come in
very handy for guys that aren’t looking for any kind of a relationship or guys
that are in a relationship, but want some extra fun on the side. Either way,
you are going to be getting your money’s worth out of an item like this, and
you will be very happy that you decided to purchase one from

Your choice
to wear an Ass Spark is something
that is extremely personal. You can’t be forced into something like this from
someone else. Although, there are a few guys out there that love the submissive
aspect of being forced into anal play and there is nothing wrong with that. But
you need to make sure that you are willing to go through with something like
this and not back down. Once you do go through with it, you will be feeling all
kinds of new and exciting aspects to your life that you never would have had
before using an anal plug.

The Ass Spark plug is one of the best
things you can ever use with your erotic swimwear from Not only
do you get to walk around looking as sexy as hell, but you also get the ability
to have some anal fun while you are at it. This also makes lying out and
getting a tan something of an adventure because you are getting an orgasmic
feeling running through your body while you are getting that sexy dark tan you
love so much. How many other things out there can do that for you while you are

There is
nothing wrong with guys that aren’t willing to use an Ass Spark for fun and pleasure. In fact, there are quite a few guys
out there that aren’t even interested in anal play of any kind, and that is
perfectly fine for them. But for those guys that love anal play and want
something that will make them feel great and keep their cocks as hard as
concrete while they are using it, there is nothing better than the this
glorious little plug from You have to admire a company that
would put this much love into something that you slide into your ass just for
the thrill of it.

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Here is a photo of a micro cock cage I just ordered. It works great when I wear an Ass Spark with it!