The Ass Spark Veteran



Even though the ass spark has made quite a name for itself in the relatively short time that it has been on the market, there are still guys that are being introduced to this wondrous, magical and stimulating device every day. That’s when those guys that have been riding this particular train since the launch of it come in handy. Since they are veterans of wearing this device and understand the many joys it provides, they are the very best men to explain the entire process to the newbies that are coming on board. They can answer questions about how to wear it, when to wear it and how long to wear it. Any question that you may have regarding this amazing device can be answered by the experts.


The ass spark is often built into swimsuits that will allow you to wear them to the beach and stay on the verge of an orgasm the entire time you’re there. Of course, then you can come home and really let go to experience one of the most intense orgasms you’re ever likely to have. That’s why many men insist on having this device and wearing it anywhere they go. The stimulation that it provides will make for the best solo sex you’ve ever had. It can also go a long way to adding some spice to your sexual encounters with your partner. Just think of how urgent you’ll feel for release once you have had this device teasing you for hours.


Many men buy the ass spark as gifts for their partners. When that happens, those duet orgasms are something to behold! If you live near people, expect a phone call or two or even possibly a visit from the local police force. That’s how strong those orgasms are. Just imagine that times two. You’ll be able to enjoy them, too, once you have your own device.


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I have been searching for that ass
that I can experience and that has also been long gone. I haven’t had
a really good sex in so long that’s why I kind of forgot how it felt. My
partner and I are also very vocal as to whether or not we are satisfied with
each other and I noticed that oftentimes, we tell each other that we’re not
that into having sex as much anymore like we used to.


I kind of felt alarmed with this constant experience so I promised
myself to perform better. In fact, my partner and I even talked to each and
discussed our options when it comes to making out and sex. We both wanted to
feel that ass spark over again and
we were so ready to make it happen for real.


And by some twist of fate, perhaps because of our very serious
conversation a few days ago, the sex that we had last night was the most
exciting, most thrilling, and most delicions sex I have ever had in a very long
time. I’ve suddenly felt surges of ass
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