Experimenting with the Ass Spark

Experimenting with the Ass Spark

Using an Ass
Spark is probably one of the sexiest things you will ever get the chance to
enjoy. Now, this isn’t something that you are going to be able to dive right
into and enjoy if you have never had any experience with anal pleasures in the
past. If you are new to this level of excitement, then you are going to want to
prepare yourself ahead of time. While you are preparing yourself for one of
these wonderful toys, you will find out whether or not this is something you
want to pursue.

Ass Spark anal plug cock ring built into extreme spandex cock display koalaswim.com

Ass Spark butt plug cock ring built into extreme spandex cock display koalaswim.com

The Ass
Spark that I use on a regular basis is the perfect size to make me excited, but
isn’t too big so that I can’t wear it around while I’m out in public. That is
the great thing about using these toys; you can actually attach them to certain
kinds of erotic swimwear so that you can enjoy your anal pleasures all day
long. Of course, that only works if you think you are man enough to last that
long. Personally, I can only handle a few hours of having one inside me before
I have to take it out from pure exhaustion. You might be different with it,
though, and the only way you will know is by trying it out.


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