Discovering Ass Spark Pleasures

Discovering Ass Spark Pleasures

The first
time I ever tried out an Ass Spark powered swimwear, underwear and sex wear, I found that my sexual exploration was
pretty limited. I thought that I had tried just about everything and felt every
sensation that I could possibly experience until I came across one of these
devices. After that first time of trying one, I found that there were so many
different things on the market to try out that I felt like I had missed out on
an entire aspect of my life. It almost made me sit down and cry because I
thought I knew it all.


Sorry no real models today just a photo of me using an Ass Spark swimsuit

The metal plug is deep inside of me while the cock ring keeps me hard. This suit shows of the shaft and separates and displays the balls. Very erotic! The plug is about 3.5 inches in me with a 1.5″ metal ball on the end.

That first
moment of deciding to use the Ass Spark was one of the hardest decisions I have
ever had to make in my entire life, though. I wasn’t sure if I was going to be
able to handle having something like that inside of me. It also made me wonder
what it was that I was hoping to find. I couldn’t really decide if whether I
was going insane or if I was finally discovering the person that I really am. The
one thing that I did realize going in is that I was going to end up having my
life changed forever. With that thought in mind, I went ahead and did what I
needed to do to experience it in its fullest.

You might
feel that using an Ass Spark is something you can try out once and never think
about again. That’s simply not true. Once you do try one out, you are going to
find out just how wrong you are. This isn’t the casual toy you might think it
is at first glance and will end up being something that you use on a regular
basis and chance you get. I thought that I might use it once or twice a month, but
found out that I couldn’t stop thinking about it. Now I use one at least three
times a week and more if I feel like it. Be prepared to become addicted to
these quite quickly.