The Electrifying Ass Spark

Ass Spark

The Electrifying Ass Spark

When it
comes to anal pleasure and all around sexy fun there is nothing better than the
Ass Spark from This is a device that you don’t just play with in
the bedroom, though. This is one of those items that you can use all day long
if you are comfortable with something like that. There are a lot of guys that
love anal play but find it uncomfortable if they are wearing an item that
inserts into their ass while they are trying to work. Of course, there are some
guys that wouldn’t go to work if they didn’t have something inside them.

The best
thing about the Ass Spark from is that they have erotic swimwear
options that you can purchase that this wonderful device attaches to. This
means that you get the chance to experience that ever encompassing pleasure of
anal teasing whenever you want by simply putting on a new swimsuit. These items
are also the best for beginners in anal play as they have multiple sizes so you
can start out small and pleasant and work your way up to huge and powerful in
no time. Now that is pleasure that every guy out there, straight or gay, should
try at least once in their life.

One thought on “The Electrifying Ass Spark

  1. I have been curious about anal play for a while now but never really got very far with it. I always figured I would have to use a dildo or vibrator in order to get the feeling that I wanted to experience, but they all seem so large to me. Not only were they big, but I wasn’t sure how I was going to use one either. Then, I came across the Ass Spark from Koalaswim and realized that there was someone else out there that thought just like I do.
    Now I’m not one to wear something like this to work; I am a truck driver and spend most of my time sitting down, but I do enjoy putting one on and relaxing when I am at home. I like that I was able to purchase a sexy swimsuit that this thing attaches to so that I can use it hands free and still be able to do things around the house. Whoever came up with this idea should be awarded with Sainthood if such a thing were possible. You just don’t know how the stress can roll off you from using something like this as often as you can.

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