Choosing to Use Ass Spark

Choosing to Use Ass Spark

Using an ass
spark is not something that you want to just jump into. You have to be sure
that you want to try something like this and having it forced on you is going
to be highly annoying. I know this because it was forced on me the first time I
ever used one and I was not very happy about it. I have since learned to enjoy
using my spark, but that first time was something I would not wish to ever have
to go through again. Imagine the worst day of your life and multiply it by ten
and you will understand how I felt at that moment.

While my
first ever anal experience was being forced to use an ass spark, I have
eventually come to the realization that it was the best thing that ever could
have happened to me. I didn’t exactly think that way in the beginning, but I
just can’t see how I would live my life without one now. It is strange how
something like that could happen and yet, I get a thrill out of thinking about
that first night every time it pops into my mind.

I would
suggest using an ass spark if you are involved in anal play or simply curious
about what it would be like. On the other hand, if your partner is planning on
surprising you with something like this, then you need to talk to them. Make
sure that you are ready both mentally and physically to have something like
this used on you and you should do just fine. It took me three months of trying
to figure out what I had done to deserve what happened to me, but all that
thinking reminded me of how pleasant it was. That is when I went out and
purchased my own to see if I could recreate it on a more personal level. What a
surprise it was to find that I really love it!

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