The Amazing Ass Spark

The Amazing Ass Spark

Using an ass
spark for the first time is going to be one of those things that will excite
you and worry you in the same breath. If you have never been involved in any
kind of anal play in the past, then the worrying aspect is probably going to be
much greater than the excitement at first. But you should take comfort in the
fact that every guy out there that loves these little toys has gone through the
exact same thing when they first started. It’s something you will get used to
in the long run and well worth the effort involved in getting you to love it.

The ass
spark is one of those toys that you simply can’t live without if you are into
anal play. It has the ability to do things to you that no other toys can even
come close to doing and that is saying a lot. Just don’t expect to be able to
purchase the biggest one you can find and have it making you orgasm in minutes.
You need to work your way up to things like that, especially those guys that
are new to the world of anal play.

Once you are
used to the way an ass spark feels inside you, then you can move up to any size
you want to explore the different feelings of excitement they can bring to your
life. You can move as slowly or quickly as you are comfortable with, but make
sure that you are enjoying yourself before trying to move on to something that
is too big. Let your body get used to what you are doing and it will accept the
bigger ones much easier. Then you won’t have to try to force it in. This is one
of those fetishes that you will probably enjoy more than anything else you have
tried in your life. Just ease your way into it.


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